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Com welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers today i will be talking about the career opportunities in Marine engineering Marine means anything related to sea.

To beon sea or to move over it i.


to sail, you need vehicles, their accessories and technologyto support their movements.

Study of this technology and their development is pertainingto Marine Engineering.

If you have a flare for marine engineering or fascinated with piratesand sailors lives with, the most important aspect, better mathematical and mechanicalknowledge, then this field of study is for you.

This course is sometimes confused with marinebiology.

So, it is necessary to know what marine engineering offers before opting tomake a career out of it.

This course has all subjects only related to mechanical studiespertaining to movements of any object in water.

If you are expecting any biological studies,then this course is not for you.

Basic pre-university or pre-degree foundationin science, especially mathematics, must be strong as marine engineering studies are heavilydependent on mathematics.

Good score in the same subject and certificates are mandatory.

Admissions to B.


Tech in Marine Engineeringcan be obtained by scoring well in the admission test which can be common for allcourses and colleges or universities and subsequently clearing separate admission testsof particular colleges or universities if they have any.

Better the score, better the rankand this rank will help you seal the deal.

Listed below are some of colleges and universitiesoffering B.


Tech in Marine Engineering within India:  AMET University, Tamil Nadu  Bearys Institute of Technology, Mangalore,Karnataka  Cochin University of Science & Technology,Kochi, Kerala  Defence Institute of Advanced Technology,Pune, Maharashtra  Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai,Tamil Nadu  Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur,West Bengal  Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering,Kolkata, West Bengal  Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education& Training (MANET), Pune, Maharashtra  Marine Engineering & Research Institute,Kolkata, West Bengal  School of Maritime Science and Engineering, Chennai, Tamil Nadu  Tolani Maritime Institute, Mumbai, Maharashtra  Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune, Maharashtra  Vel's Academy of Maritime Studies, Chennai,Tamil Nadu *The list given above is not exhaustive.

Graduates will find both government and privatejob opportunities.

They will be hired by boat building companies, engineering companies,transportation companies, scientific institutes and other related agencies.

Abundantjob opportunities are available abroad too.

Freshers may get a package of twenty lakhrupees per annum to fifty lakh rupees per annum depending on the firm for which they wouldwork.

Salary will increase based on experience and expertise.

Jobs in this field need not always be on sea.

You can also get jobs related to marine engineering on land as well.

You can workoff the sea with navigation, at the docks and ports too.

One can also opt for higher studies aftercompletion of B.



Tech in Marine Engineering.

Many institutes offer M.


and M.

Tech andalso Ph.


If you want to make a career in the fieldof marine engineering and want to know all the facts before taking a decision, but don’t knowwhom to ask, then ask our experts on freshersworld.

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