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Com welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers today i am talking about the career opportunities in the Masters in Fisheries Science (MFSc) Fisheries Science is a versatile discipline,a branch of science that deals with managing and understanding of fisheries.

Derivedfrom other similar disciplines like Limnology, Oceanography, Marine biology itsmultidimensional nature requires students to undergo comprehensive training.

It is designed to be conventionally taught in a university setting and can besuccessfully taught at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level.

In India the Masters level fisheries courseswere initiated by the state and agricultural universities to ensure that the field couldhave well trained and accomplished professionals for the purpose of teaching,doing research and development in the domain of fisheries science.

The postgraduate degree (MFSc) is a two yearcourse offered by a plethora of universities.

Students possessing a Bachelorof Fisheries Science (BFSc) degree are eligible for admission by the means of a commonentrance examination.

The course has a total of 55 credits.

The postgraduatecurriculum and syllabus is minutely and regularly revised by the Indian Council ofAgricultural Research (ICAR) in order to provide the students with a well structuredand balanced syllabus.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.

D) in FisheriesScience is a three year course offered by multiple universities.

The students havethe option of choosing to attend a full time or a part time course.

The entire course entailsa total of 75 credits.

Colleges that are offering Masters degree(MFSc), Doctoral degree (Ph.


) in India are  College of Fisheries Science, Patnagar, Uttaranchal  College of Fisheries Science, Kolkata,West Bengal  College of Fisheries Science, Lembucherra,Tripura  College of Fisheries Science, Rangailunda,Tripura  Central Institute of Fisheries Education,Mumbai, Maharashtra  College of Fisheries Science, Mangalore,Karnataka  Fisheries College and Research Institute,Thoothukundi, Tamil Nadu There is also scope for studying FisheriesScience overseas in countries like Japan, Canada, USA, China, Australia.

Some universitiesin these countries like the University of Maryland offer online (MFSc)courses.

It is intended for those working professionals who want to enhance their academiccredentials but unfortunately do not have the time to attend full fledged classes.

These online courses consist of 32 credits in total.

Candidates possessing an MFSc degree can beemployed as State Government Research Assistants, Sub Inspectors of Fisheriesand Project Officers.

In the Central Government Agencies candidateshave the scope of being employed as scientists in the Fisheries Service ofIndia (FSI).

In order to recruit scientists in differentagricultural and fisheries institutions under (ICAR) the Agricultural Scientist RecruitmentBoard conducts and supervises the All India Competitive Exam on a regular basis.

Private and Nationalised Banks: Fisheries graduates are also eligible to findemployment as Assistant Development Officers and Rural Development Field Officersin both nationalised as well as private banks.

The technical knowledge and efficiency ofthe professional Fisheries graduates have qualified them to become competent Aqua Consultantsmany of whom have found success in this profession.

Aspiring entrepreneurscan most certainly set up their own business ventures after having earned an MFScor a BFSc degree The nationalised banks provide much needed financial aid insuch cases.

in the recent years there has been a great demand on fisheries professionals in the aquaculture and processingunits in the western countries especially in Africa.

A large cross sectionof graduates are employed in the foreign countries in the field of aquaculture, fishprocessing as well as in export and import For further information about the field orthe utility of studying the discipline you can log on to www.


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