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Com Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in BA Besides commerce and science, arts is anothermajor stream of subjects that is offered since high school.

Arts is a comprehensive streamin itself that offers innumerable future career options to students.

Subjects such as foreignlanguages, English literature, history, sociology, economics, and psychology are the core subjectsof this stream.

Securing a bachelor’s degree in this stream is highly lucrative as onelearns to deal with music, literatures, histories, social sciences and cultures of numerous societalaspects.

Studying arts can be valuable as it equipsstudents for all aspects of life.

A degree in arts can help individuals to discover theirinterests, abilities, and talents, and develop to the best potential levels.

As an arts student,you can not only secure prestigious jobs in India, but can also look for lucrative careeroptions in foreign countries.

This is because BA offers you to choose specialization inalmost 25 major subjects.

In India students can select their core subject after passingtheir 10 + 2.

If you select arts in your high school, then you even become eligible to prestigiousgovernment exams such as IAS, IPS, and other kinds of government and civil services.

Major subjects that one can choose in order to secure a Bachelors of Arts degree are sociology,anthropology, archaeology, Asian studies, language, political science, English literature,hindi literature, economics, law, psychology, and biological sciences.

The number of coursesoffered under arts subject, clearly portrays that this is a versatile stream that can helpstudents to gain prestigious career gains in future.

In order to become eligible tothis degree course, it is essential for students to obtain a 10 + 2 pass degree.

Also, it isrequired to have first division in main subjects in order to get admitted to a reputed university.

A Bachelor’s of Arts degree can be a ‘pass’ degree or ‘honors’ degree.

The pass degreeis a full time degree that does not offer any kind of specialization to the students.

An honors degree on the other hand, is a degree tend to impart subject specialization.

Itis essential for students to score more than 80% in order to get admission to the Bachelorsof Art, Honors program of a reputed institute.

In case students are not able to get througha full time degree course, they can then go for the distance learning program offeredby few well known institutes.

The BA (general) course consists of 24 credits,each credit having an aggregate value of 100 marks.

It includes not only theoretical training,but also imparts practical training to the students.

In case individuals intend to securea BA degree from foreign nation then the admission and eligibility criteria may vary for differentcountries.

Countries such as Canada, Japan, Scotland, Russia, United States, New Zealand,Norway, Australia, and Singapore can be looked up to in order to get qualified as a bachelorsas well as masters of Arts.

In India, there are numerous universitiesthat are known globally for offering BA degree.

Calcutta University, Mumbai University, LoyolaUniversity, Chennai; Indira Gandhi National College, Delhi University, St.

Joseph College,Bangalore; and Christ University, Bangalore are the names in the list.

Besides these,there are other universities as well that offer both BA pass and BA honors degree tostudents.

Obtaining a BA degree opens up a comprehensive range of prospects for the studentsin advertising, journalism, marketing, politics, management, police force, administration,psychology, teaching, and more.

Once they are able to gain a degree in BA,individuals can then look for lucrative employment areas like:• Broadcasting • Advertising• Civil Services • Policing• Law • Business Process Outsourcing Units• Community service • Film Direction and Editing• Printing and Graphics Industry • International Relations• Professional Writing • Library and Information Science• Public planning • Public Administration• Professional writing • Religious studies• Social work • TeachingSecuring a job in some fields is easy, but for others it is mandatory to clear the yearlyheld competitive exams.

The remuneration earned by arts students is very good, but may varydepending on the employment area selected by them.

In order to clear the entrance testfor civil services, it is essential for students to prepare in advance.

There are numerouskinds of competitive exams held for students with a BA degree.

In order to know everythingabout them, individuals can log to www.


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