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Hello my friends, this is Imba Trader.

This is my second episode of the series calledPath to Million where I trade binary options starting with $1,000 deposit and try to turnthis amount into some significant pile of cash.

Basically it should be – I don't have somecertain goal, but it should be the amount enough for an average person to quit his job.

So let's proceed with my first stake.

I'm seeing some big decrease trend here.

It might be my mistake.

I might have done it too quick but let's see.

I was hoping for the rise to go on.

Anyway, my stake is $500 which is 25% of today'sdeposit amount.

It should be enough for four stakes in a row.

So I believe we are in a safe position here.

I mean I do really hope that we're not goingto lose today because it's going to be embarrassing, like to finish my marathon on just the secondseries.

We have a couple seconds for the decision-makingand here we go.

If this stake works out, we're going to get$955.

So for those who see me for the first time,I create the videos showing my binary options trading sessions.

Binary trading is something that personallyfor me, turned from 15 minutes a day hobby to my main occupation.

We got those $955 that I just talked aboutand we got to our start position, $2,000.

Okay, I'm going to wait until we get closerto the start line because I'm not seeing some certain trends and it may be really confusing,meaning that it's – looking at the previous couple hours, it's hard to make the decisionhere.

Let's apply a couple more indicators and seehow it goes.

Three seconds and we just secured next $955.

Okay now, I'm a bit more calm because thatloss at the very beginning of the session was kind of frightening.

Let's see maybe it's a good time to proceedwith another rise stake.

So binary trading is something that turnedfrom a 15 minutes a day hobby to my main occupation.

And usually in my videos, I trade short oneminute options which expire very quick, but at the same time, they allow me to make moneyin the short periods of time.

Of course trading short options have its prosand cons.

It's not perfect but it depends on how youlike.

Basically for the beginners, I would recommendto trade short options.

From one side they are unpredictable but atthe same time, they do not depend on the market fluctuations and they do not require somedeep mathematical analysis.

Basically you can use the very simple strategywhich was developed for the beginners.

It involves following the trend and catchingsome sharp spurts that happen during the trading session.

Okay guys, we are at the $3,300 point.

Our goal for today is to double the initialamount which was $2,000.

So my goal is to get to $4,000 by the endof this session.

Okay, it's not – it was kind of risky betbut let's see how it goes.

So for those who are new to binary options,for me personally, it's the best way to make money online.

Of course there are many, many others, manythat are more safe and that involve less risk.

But as I said, for me personally, it's thebest way to make money in the short period of time.

For those who are new, I would recommend tostart with the demo account trading.

In this case, you don't need to submit anycredit card details, you don't need to pay anything and you get $10,000 virtual moneyon your account.

And also you get the unlimited refills thatyou can use.

So basically you can trade on the demo accountas long as you want.

The link to the demo account page is rightunder this video.

So as you see the end of our trading sessionwas not so scary as the beginning.

We pretty easily got to the $4,300 goal andI think that it was a good trade.

I hope I didn't spend too much of your time.

So my next goal is going to be $8,000.

I will see you in a couple of days.

If you're interested in how far this marathonis going to get, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

And as I said previously, go and try tradingon the free demo account.

Who knows? Maybe it's going to turn into the way of makingmoney online for you as well.

Alright guys, see you soon.


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