Big Brother: Celebrity Edition: 2nd Celeb Evicted After Begging To Go Home

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This celeb season of Big Brother is the flip floppiest season possible and we love it, even when the flip is absolutely not the kind we were expecting.

While the obvious choice tonight was to separate the alliance of Keshia and Omarosa, it quickly started to make more sense to take the opportunity to backdoor Shannon. And as much as we like Shannon, it really does make sense, along with the fact that we have not gotten the full Omarosa yet, and we refuse to let her leave before that happens. 

While everyone else schemed, Metta played with inflatable ducks in the jacuzzi, and it was, in fact, the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen. Either he’s a brilliant strategist or just having a good time, and either way we’re into it. 

And it seemed like everything was in line to get Shannon out, including Marissa winning power of veto. Then, right after the veto comp, Keshia was seen crying and begging Marissa to do…something. At the time it was unclear, but she just kept saying “this is real,” and promising it had nothing to do with any deals she made. 

Marissa then chose not to use her veto, and Keshia explained before the vote that she wanted to go home to her baby. 

“My breast milk has continued to deplete since I’ve been here, and there’s nothing more important than my baby,” she said through tears about her one year old daughter. “I apologize, but please use whatever ounce of compassion you have to send me home, and I appreciate it.” 

Every single other houseguest did as she asked—even Metta, who seems to have figured out how the voting works after claiming to not understand it last week—and Keshia was evicted.