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Aaron Carter’s Drug Test Results Revealed: Singer Learns Combination Of His Medications Can Lead To Accidental Death


Aaron Carter is ready to make a change.

It’s been a troubling couple of weeks for Carter, but it sounds like he wants to start a new journey. In newly released clips from Carter’s appearance on The Doctors, the singer opens up about his health and even allows the show to reveal the results of his drug test on air. Host Travis Lane Stork read off the results of Carter’s drug test as the singer sat beside him.

“Cocaine was negative, meth was negative, THC aka marijuana was positive,” Stork began. “Benzodiazepines, Xanax for instance…positive, it was also positive for opiates, hydrocodone.”

Stork then explains to Carter, “What scares me about that drug panel is your sister perished from an overdose and you’ve got a mixture of Benzodiazepines with opiates, which is how many people accidentally can die.”

He continues, “These medications, and I’m speaking now purely from the doctor’s perspective, can be very, very scary.”

Stork then includes a psychiatrist in the conversation to talk about chemical dependencies on prescription medications, not illicit drugs, which Stork says that Carter wants to make clear that he does not use illicit drugs.